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The International Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry (IJRAF) aims at bringing about a perfect blend of two important domains AGRICULTURE and FORESTRY through launching a new international journal. It publishes research articles, papers, reviews, letters, technical reports, case studies and all other communications in domains of Agriculture and Forestry. If Agriculture is a science of cultivating land, Forestry is a science and practice of planting, caring for and managing forests. Both Agriculture and Forestry constitute themselves into AGRO FORESTRY calling for more and more information to be provided by the contributions to be made by authors of diversity.

IJRAF has a mission to publish the papers of the highest quality with innovative ideas on all the subjects relating to Agriculture and Forestry.

IJRAF expects all the articles or papers to be original which are not published previously or submitted to any journal for the consideration for publication. All the articles or papers must adhere to the style and the ethics of the IJRAF. All the articles or papers will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by expert reviewers and language editors before consideration for publication

Recently Published Articles

A Review on Sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) Viruses and Associated Diseases
Megersa K.E. Barkessa

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Characterization of landscape features of soils of Konso Woreda, Southern Ethiopia
Muhaba Sultan

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Effect of contour bunding on yield of maize crop in North Eastern Ghat Zones of Odisha
C.R.Subudhi and R.Subudhi

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Metabolite Analysis and their Quantitative Variation in Healthy and Pest Infested Solanum melongena L. Using NMR Spectroscopy
Hema Bisht, M. K. Bhatnagar,Prakhar Bhatnagar and Arun K Murthy

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Different Percentage of Resin for Particle Board Manufacturing from ProsopisJuliflora
AM Bhadewad, YY Sumthane, AU Nimkar, SM Khachane, YB Tyade, SS Harne

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